Hello friend.

This blog started out in 2016 as a laboratory for my writing experiments, be that dodgy science-fiction, video game reviews or even random travel guides. Over the years I still don’t know what this is, it’s a bit a messy, with no clear “mission statement”. As this is a hobby for me, I tend to start writing whenever something pops into my head and I can’t get it out. This is usually something cool in a video game. I’ve stopped writing fiction, on here at least, as I’m hoping to one day write something more substantial and put it up on Amazon, and maybe make the beginning of it free on here. Assuming that ever manifests.

I play a lot of video games, well, a lot for an adult with a wife and kids and a job and a million other first world problems. I tend to finish very few of them, but it’s usually the ones I finish that I like to write about. Looking back at my archive, it seems that what really gives me a kick is when video game narratives are developed very cleverly, and become in tune with the gameplay. My favourite game of the past decade or so is The Last of Us, both parts, and it’s because the writing and the gameplay are the most in sync I’ve ever seen. If you can get me to care about a character in a video game, then I’m sold.

I usually write an article once every few months and have no intention of anything more, so sorry if that is disappointing to you. For the people that do come here and read, I am forever grateful to you. I really hope you like the things I write.



October 2021